Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Limitations of Online Social Interactions!

Social interaction and its presence on the web can be seen in terms of the popularity of this concept. Although many sites are yet to adopt this strategy, it goes without saying that it does lend a valuable contribution to websites.

Apart from social networking websites, interaction online is useful for professionals all around the globe. It helps a firm to collaborate and solve issues even if teams are located in different areas of the world.

The most common ways of interacting within a group is through online webinar sessions. Once the date and time is fixed, everyone can attend it from any area all over the world.

However, I am sure you must have faced some issues which have been my concerns as well. I have listed these below:

• You can attend the presentation or the online meeting only if you are present online at the given time.

• If you are unable to attend it, there is no other medium through which you can know details about the discussion.

• Even if you do try to gather inputs post the presentation, you may be able to connect only with the host and trying to get in touch with all the participants would be a tough task!

• You can probably interact or know about details through mail but it does not have the same effect as a live interaction with users online.

TeemingPod users however may have experienced that social interaction continues whether or not the person is online at the same time. A user is able to share presentations and connect with others at his/her leisure. A user can even refer to the FAQ or Ideation section to know about the kind of interaction that has been going on between others.

In fact, it’s online social interaction without the restrictions!

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Gravity said...

haven't u heard of google wave?