Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Latest Brew: Social Interaction!

Walking through the cobbled street always gave me a sense of pleasure every morning. It was like a complete experience, passing by the green lawns and shops bustling with activity in the busy morning hours! I loved looking at these scenes and nodding a quick ‘Good Morning’ to people around. It is on this note I would like to share something interesting with you!
As I said before, I loved walking through this street. The thing I loved doing most was sipping on a cup of coffee and looking across lazily at the people across the street. The enticing aroma of coffee tempted me to stop by for a sip! The presence of two coffee shops on this lane drew many people throughout the day. I always ensured I visited both throughout the week. The total crowd that visited these shops always seemed equal in number. While one was named ‘Java Lovers’, the other was named as ‘Something’s Brewing!’ I loved being at both places as the crowd and ambience rocked. I noticed for many months that the number of people that visited these coffee shops were equal.
Then, it was on a sunny morning, when I passed through this lane again, I realized, ‘Something’s Brewing’ seemed a little more packed than ever. This scenario continued for many more weeks. Whenever I passed by this lane, I wondered what the buzz was all about! Yet, as I wondered, I shyly went into the other coffee shop for my brew!
It was then I decided that I need to visit ‘Something’s Brewing’ to find out what brought about such a change in the number of customers. As I pushed the glass door open, I was greeted by a large number of people happily sipping their cup of coffee over conversation. I managed to locate an empty seat in the corner and turned into the silent observer. As I observed, I noticed the guy behind the counter read things out aloud whilst looking at his mobile phone. I leaned forward to hear and I could catch some latest gossip being read out. “Jennifer Anniston will be featured on the latest issue of Vogue”, he said. The people listening in turn gathered around him for more gossip and of course, cups of hot, steaming coffee! After a few minutes, he announced some more news items related to technology. This immediately caught the attention of the professional crowd sitting on the other side! The person behind the counter was doing a marvelous job of reading latest updates from his cell phone and engaging the people present there. I even saw two groups mingle together and share their table for more cups of coffee and goodies.
I rested back in my chair and was surprised to see some people approach me in a bid to have a general chit chat! I chatted around and as I left the coffee shop, a little delayed, I realized I have made 2 new friends! The following morning I was eager to meet the same. As before, the same person announced latest news updates and I met up with my new set of friends! With time, I felt my friend circle increase! A simple change of strategy changed things not only in the coffee shop, but even the way I spent time! There was more than just something brewing in ‘Something’s Brewing’!
A simple change in business strategy helped ‘Something’s Brewing’! It soon became the most popular hangout in this area! This shows the power of social interaction. It can even be applied to a website. Social interaction when applied to a website can give the website owner more traffic! Once users interact with each other rather than going through normal text and visuals, it surely has a different effect. Users tend to return back to the website to interact and befriend other users. It proves to an effective way to increase traffic and also the stickiness factor for the website. Websites with social interaction tools on their pages will surely stand out from the rest! So, are you game for the same?

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