Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How TeemingPod enhanced our Management Meet!

I have often awaited brainstorming sessions with much glee! It’s a great feeling to gather and discuss plans with diverse people from other teams. It helps one to plan further with valuable feedback and streamline the entire process. As you might guess right now, I have attended one such meet and I am glad to see it as a well-planned meet!
There is a very rich exchange of information that happens in these meets. Often, many things are exchanged in an informal way between individuals; however, this means every single person at the meet may not be aware of these conversations and inputs discussed between other team members.
This is probably the reason why I often felt a need for a structured information sharing approach due to which the whole process turns out as an enriching one for all! I also felt that information sharing should be easy and can serve as a rich source for those who are unable to be a part of all the discussions during the meet or are not able to attend the meet!
I was glad to see that we utilized social interaction to the fullest in this year’s management meet. There were various topics discussed right from leadership to strategy. There were more than 40 people who shared their views on every topic and there were some great discussion sessions. Just imagine if this discussion happened either through email or in the form of comments on a blog. Oops! What a mess it would have been with 40 people sharing and discussing their view points on every topic.
This is the moment when I can confidently say that TeemingPod deserves credit for a very structured approach I saw in these discussions. In TeemingPod, discussions were very well organized; such as the various views on the topic were well distinguished, users who are inclined towards a given view and their supporting points could be easily distinguished, which points are attracting debatable answers and so on.
Apart from all the above advantages, one more advantage which we could get out of TeemingPod was usage of all these viewpoints even later on during our group discussions! This helped one to see clearly the strengths or shortcomings of a given approach from various angles as seen in the discussions.
Probably this was the first time people indirectly contributed in individual group discussion by putting forward their view points well ahead of time.
Some astounding new ideas were also put forward and I must say, there was an amazing response! There were suggestions that came pouring in and the entire team could utilize this information to the maximum.
Not to say that such meets are complete without any presentations. These thought-provoking and decision making presentations when shared ahead of time with the people; receives a good response in terms of feedback and comments during the presentation. Sharing such presentations well ahead of time provides sufficient time for people to go through the presentation and get their queries resolved during the presentation. For those, who could not share their inputs verbally; had an option of sharing ideas through comments in TeemingPod. Hence, not a single valuable thought was lost in this process!
TeemingPod thus allows social interaction anywhere and anytime. I must say, this has been one of our most productive sessions. Are you ready to go the TeemingPod way?

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